MIKE SMITH MIKE SMITH My mission is to meet my clients where they are and listen carefully to their goals. I will then tailor a specific plan to help them meet their goals and through hard work and dedication I will show them how good they can feel when they commit to themselves and their health. I will push my clients to be the best they can be and show them the way to get there! You can do anything for 30 minutes; so let’s get after it!

NASM certified personal trainer specializing in circuit training, strength and conditioning, women’s fitness, group training, youth exercise, and MMA conditioning
PHOENIX T. MALLOY PHOENIX T. MALLOY I am passionate about the craft of training others and my primary goal is to see others prevail. My main objective is to help others achieve their goals and condition their temple known as the body. My reputation as a motivator proceeds me. My motivation is to help my clients through their fitness journey and help them.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer Body Builder/Core Specialties:
AUDREY GILES AUDREY GILES I have worked in the fitness industry since 1995 as a Group Fitness instructor, Personal Trainer and a Holistic Health Coach since 2017. As an Integrative Health Coach and a Personal Trainer my goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. This includes enhanced body image, improved heart health and a possible decrease in various diseases that could occur from being overweight.

My passion and commitment is to educate, motivate, inspire and support my clients to achieve their wellness goals. I believe that health and fitness is a continuous journey not just a destination; therefore it’s never too late to begin the journey.

I am certified in the following areas: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritional Specialist, Fitness Consultant (International Fitness Professional Association, IFPA), Star 3 Spinning, Pilates, CPR with AED and a Certified Official for USA Track and Field.
WILL ROCKEMORE WILL ROCEKMORE My Name is Will. My passion for fitness was ignited through my own fitness journey that started in February of 2017 when I weighed over 250 pounds. It was tough but I was determined for change through consistency. I made significant strides with a healthier vision for my life through working out and making healthier food choices.

As a trainer it is my passion to take a holistic approach to assist my clients in achieving their short and long term goals both in and out of the gym.

My personal motto that I have created is "There is no change in comfort, once you get past the temporary difficulty then you will be greeted with change."

Certifications and Practices.
AAA/SMA Certified
SCORPIO VANCE SCORPIO VANCE I am the Founder and Creator of Scorpion Athletics: a company where the human psyche and how it applies to exercise is the number one priority. I am a credentialed fitness professional with over 25 years of industry experience. I have participated in and trained athletes for the Broad Street Run, Philadelphia Marathon, Dualthon, & Triathalon and the New York Marathon and several IRONMAN triathalons. I coach amateur track and lacrosse clubs. I create customized “on-your-terms” programs that lower the risk of disease, increase self-esteem and expand mental focus.
Certifications and Practices:
• National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer • American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) Sports Nutrition • Mad Dogg Spinning • Resista-Ball • Urban Rebound • Yogafit • Kwando
VICKI AYERS VICKI AYERS My primary goal is to help people relieve pain through gaining strength. If you have had an injury and have gone through physical therapy, I will work with you to gain strength safely. If you have pain from lack of use, I will work with you to help gain strength at the right pace. If your goal is weight loss, I can help you boost metabolism through gaining muscle. If you want to transform your body, I will work with you to tone up or gain mass. If you want to work on flexibility, I can assist you in acquiring long term gains.

Certifications and Practices:
• National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified since 2010.
Certified Yoga instructor since 2012.
Certified in Yoga therapy.
Reiki II Practitioner since 2013.